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A worldwide presence

With a noble lineage from Mabuni Kenwa Sensei to its present Grandmaster, Soke Seiko Suzuki, Shito-Ryu Seikokai International has become one of the fastest growing styles in Karate  and is now represented in more than 20 countries throughout the world.

Affilliated dojos receive the full support of the Seikokai International organization, including personal visits from senior members to oversee and demonstrate the skills and curriculum of the Seikokai style.

One of the more prestigious tournaments in North America, the Sato Cup, named after Shihan Akira Sato, Vice-President and Chairman of Seikokai International is held annually in British Columbia, Canada. Its popularity demonstrates how highly regarded the Seikokai style is.

The purpose of this site is to unite the worlwide family of Shito-Ryu Seikokai practitioners as well as  be a source of information for those interested in learning more about our history and style. . For more information on how to become affiliated please feel free to contact our International Coordinator , Wim Tewinkel:


A message from Grandmaster, Soke Seiko Suzuki

Welcome to the Shito Ryu Seikokai Karate International website.

“It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Shito Ryu Seiko Kai International website.  Shito Ryu Seiko Kai has become a large international community of karate students with dojos all over the world.

The head office and hombu dojo for Shito Ryu Seikokai are in Tokyo, Japan. The main office for the international organization is in Vancouver, Canada under the direction of Akira Sato.

The moderator of the General Discussion forum group included in the Members’ Only section of this site is Colin Punyer from Australia, who is also the editor of the monthly News Bulletin. Wim Tewinkel is the International Coordinator. He also lives in Canada.

I want to thank these people and all the International Chief Instructors throughout the world for the effort they have put into developing Shito Ryu Seikokai as an international organization. It is only through our combined dedication and effort that we personally can grow and that we can make and keep Shito Ryu Seikokai strong.

Please browse this site and learn more about our locations, traditions and the people that are part of our great organization.

Whether training for sport, discipline, or personal growth I encourage all students of karate to keep on learning and to live a healthy life. Karate is so much more then just a fighting sport”.

Founder of Shito Ryu Seikokai
Grand Master of Shito Ryu Seikokai
President of Shito Ryu Seikokai International

'Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.'
- Albert Einstein

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